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This is my blog for all my game development and progamming projects

So I posted the wrong video yesterday! Here is the real update video

Here’s A Update/Formal Introduction to my current project

Battle Royal Update

So its 12:18am and Im up working on my game now titled Battle Royal (name is still subject to change). Finally have the Capture the flag mode done Im just adding more pickup/powerup items so the game will be more interesting then I just need to add music, sound effects and more art then I should have a playable demo out soon. After I do all that I will then work on the Deathmatch mode and try to add more characters. If you do pixel art or know anyone who does do pixel art Please let me know just send me a message thanks.


2D Battle Arena Type Game update! Its 3:15AM I’m Tired

2D Battle Arena Type Game update! Its 3:15AM I’m Tired

2D Battle Arena Type Game

So I have implemented the CTF game mode in my 2D Smash Bros type game and I have a working power up system with two players and xbox360 controller support. Posting a video as soon its done rendering stay tuned!

Back In The Game

So Its been a minute since Ive posted something on tumbler so I thought It would be a good time to log the progress of my current project. I have no name for this project but think of a 2d Super Smash Brothers type game with different modes such as Death match, Team Death Match, CTF, King of the hill, ect. This project has been progressing nicely as I find it alot easier to make 2d games. Ive added two players that can pick up and throw a barrel around and the barrel has physics Ive also added support for xbox 360 controller and game pads. Right now I’m still implementing the pickup’s system and half most of the code done for the CTF (Capture the flag) mode I should have all that done by the weekend then I will post some screenshots and a video. I really love this project and I am really working on getting this game to be my first Official Release 

Check out my buddies programming video! Hes pretty new to programming so show him some support please and leave him some feedback.

Game Design Troubles

So yea it 3:00 AM and I’m working on the asteroid blaster game and I’m coming to realize that I suck at game design! I’m just a programmer I mainly work on game mechanics.

When it comes to game design I suck, I mean no I’m not that great at creating models or sprites but I can do it, and I’m just ok at level design but what I really have no sense for is level progression. I can make a game a get everything working but when its all done the game is just boring. I really don’t know how to drive the player to keep playing the game. How do you make the player feel that sense of challenge that makes them want to get to the next level or make them feel like they accomplished something.

When I make games there usually really easy so there really is no drive to keep playing. For example I have the worst troubles with wave based games like the asteroid game I’m making now You can complete wave 1 with no problem but then you have to keep playing till like wave 10 for it to even get a little bit challenging. For most people I think if they don’t see the difficulty start to rise within ever 1 or 2 levels they will get vary bored with the game and just quit. So I adjust the numbers a bit and the game gets too hard to fast and that’s a problem because then people are gonna rage quit and in turn quit and move on to the next game.

In this particular case I feel it has to do with having to right numbers/ not having points or power ups yet but even then I to find some type of equilibrium for the challenge to progression ratio. I’m sure its only a matter of time, tweaking mechanics, and tons of hours of play testing before I find a good balance.  

So here is that time lapse video I was talking about. This video was took me 1 hour to record and most of it was troubleshooting. I was so tired so I just stopped, I still have a lot more to program such as a player respawn, score system, level progression, power ups and the ability to choose your ship. I think 2 or 3 more sessions and this should be a complete game.